Busy Lizzie is a brand that consist of a wide range of trend sensitive but long-lasting accessories for children and youths. We offer preciously designed products ranging from hair accessories to bags and jewellery and our collections are updated two times per year to make sure that our customers always can find something new and interesting at our retailers’ stores. 

At Nojomojo we believe that every child is a creator. An artist. Therefore we invite you into our world of limitless fun and bold creativity with products that strengthens the imagination, equality, community& integrity of our customers.

Our Nojo bracelets (previously Busy Lizzie and Angel Bliss name bracelets) are today sold all around Europe. The bracelets are designed in store by the customers and has become a beloved unique gift to a friend or just for oneself. The large range of bracelets and charms offers the possibility of unleashing creativity and make sure children can be proud of their own name and stand up for what they believe in.

Our range of nail polish is part of children play when getting to know themselves, enhancing gender equality. The colors are for everyone and a good way to develop children’s trust in themselves. Toxic and fragrance free, Nojomojo nail polish is easy to remove with warm water to be applied again and again.